Flow cheat: 

  1. Step one: type ‘test-mode42’ into your chat box.
  2. Step two: cryptobiologist, and press enter.
  3. You’ll get 5-70 flow.

    Remember you can use it only once a day!(:  


Coin Cheat:

* You need Zoes Club (Or a Residency if you have enough gems.) to use this *

  1. On your account, find a couple of items that you don’t want anymore and list them for 74,000 coins in the Market Place.
  2. On a different tab, go to ourWorld’s homepage, and create a new account using the Goth avatar. (It has rock wallpaper.)
  3. Go to the new account’s condo, and then the condo inventory.
  4. Sort the inventory by value and sell the top items. You should have 74,000 coins. (If not, sell more items, or use the 10 flow for more coins.)
  5. Go to your real account’s Marketplace, and buy one of the items you listed for 74,000 coins.

The 74,000 coins may seem small, but it adds up quickly. You do not need to save the new account while doing this, but you can if you would like.

Good luck!

How To Get Cupids Bow

Step 1. Go to friends, then in the search bar type Edwin (As shown below)

Click “Search Names” and then go to his condo.

Step 2. Buy a pack of  love potions for 5 gems and throw one at him. He will say something like this:

He will give you this:

Step 3. Go to friends and type in Collette (As shown below)

Click “Search Names” and then go to her condo.

Step 4. Click “Edwin’s Love Letter to Collette” then click on Collette. This should happen:

Step 5. Go back to Edwin using Step 1. He will say this:

Step 6. He will give you the throwable “Cupids Bow” 

Have fun roaming around ourWorld shooting people with it!


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