About Santa

Hey I’m Reese aka Santa aka Ares.

I started ourWorld on 4/24/2009 under the name of acp warrior (Yeah I was a club penguin addict.) I immediately loved it and have been addicted ever since. The summer of 2011 I made a chat called Ares and Apollo (The usernames of me and my brother at the time.) We got a few people on there and it was super fun. Early September activity started to decline, so I said I would get it on a blog. On October 16th (A year from when I write this) I saw and event for owdeathlycodes.com. I jumped on it and got to talk to the owner, OwDeathly Luke. We immediately became friends, and he added the chat to his blog, and made me another blog owner. This started my ourWorld blogging experience. After about a month, OwDeathly Luke went inactive for a long time. I was the only active admin, and that went on for a while. I couldn’t add anyone else either, because I was not main owner. I sucked it up and worked my butt off, and the Deathlys were kept going and popularity was increasing. I wont go into much detail on this now because it’s rather stupid, but Luke came back, and changed a lot of y hard work. So myself, Rita, and V (Another admin at the time) asked Luke to step down. Luke flipped and we were forced to leave and make the Pros. Little did we know this would come back to bite us in the butt.

After a while of Luke begging, and seeing how we were best friends in the Deathlys, he was allowed to join Pros and later become admin. Again, another mistake. As the months went on Pros got better and better, we were increasing popularity and increasing fast. While this happened the arguments between me and Luke worsened. 

One day I came home from an airport, got on my blog, and I saw all the pages were gone. I jsut thought it was a glitch, but when I got to the chat I saw pure chaos. Luke was sabotaging the blog, and I couldn’t stop it. What made it even more chaotic was he was doing all this through my account. He claimed his friend was doing it, but it was all lies. He was manipulating us and taking over. A few weeks later my ourworld account was trashed, this continued until he finally finished it. He gianed full control of the blog and my account. 

It has stayed this way for 6 months. I finally got my ourWorld account back, but my blog, ourworldpros.com is still run by GD UnicornHooker (Luke). 

That’s my experience and how we are here. Sorry for the wall of text, but this will answer a lot of questions for me. Thanks 🙂

Add me on Ow: OwPro Santa


About Rita

Hello, my name is Rita. I’ve been playing ourWorld since May 20th, 2009. My friends are always what make my experiences on ourWorld exciting. A few of my best friends would be Jenny, Ally, and Reese(Santa). SHAKE IT, BAKE IT, BOOTY QUAKE IT!

About Jenny

Hey, my name’s Jenny. I’m 16. And I’ve been playing ourWorld for a long time. I love my bff’s Rita, Ally, & Reese 😉  Add me on ourWorld: Bad Jenny don’t be afraid to say Hi. ROLL IT AROUND DON’T FAKE IT!!!!!!!!

About Megan

Hey, my name’s Megan, Im 13, And i have been playing ourWorld since 12/07/2010, Add me on ourWorld? : OwPro Meg.
Make sure to say hi! 🙂


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