Quick Note To ourworldpros.com and Admins.

Lets get something straight, I made the blog, you stole it. Making me the creator, and you own something stolen. 


With regard to copyright in relation to the Internet, WIPO has established two treaties, which outline, among other things, that each country “provide a framework of basic rights, allowing creators to control and/or be compensated for the various ways in which their creations are used and enjoyed by others.


Definition of Copyright: “Copyright is a legal term describing rights given to creators for their literary and artistic works.”

You have no right to copy right my blog, which is infact stolen, and are not the creators. You can remove it now.


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂


~ OwPro Santa

Creator of ourworldpros.com

Halloween contest!

We’re going to be doing a Halloween contest. It’s real simple so anyone can do it!


                                           –          Best Halloween outfit    –

Step one: Dress up your character in your Halloween outfit.


Step two: Take a picture of your outfit, you can use Tinypic, Lightshot ect.


Step three: Email the pic to: ourWorldProGuides@gmail.com With your username.


The 5 Admins will  judge the outfits based on creativity. So do your best!


We will choose the five winners on a date close to Halloween..!



Happy Early Halloween.

                             ~Jenny (: